Welcome to the W.A.Y. Hastings

Working Alliance for Youth

Our Mission Statement

The village Hastings-on-Hudson coalition is a group of committed citizens that includes all sectors of the Hastings community including (but not limited to) youth, parents, educators, community members, the police department, local business owners and faith community. The goal of the coalition is to reduce the use of alcohol, tobacco and other harmful substances amongst youth by using the following means;

  • Gathering data to determine the greatest areas of need.
  • Implementing evidence-based strategies such as education, enforcement, policy change and collaboration to address community conditions that contribute to the problem of our youth using harmful substances.

What We Do

Membership & Partners

Members and partners represent all sectors of the Hastings community.  There are no attendance requirements for membership however members are expected to demonstrate consistent support for the work of the Coalition.


There are two lead agencies for the Coalition: Hastings Youth Advocate Program and Student Assistance Services, Corp (SAS).  The Coalition is chaired by the Hastings Youth Advocate Program Director.  There is a Coalition Coordinator hired by Student Assistance Services who in consultation with the Coalition Chair and the SAS Project Director is responsible for coalition development as described in the Drug Free Communities (DFC) grants program.

Decision Making

Decisions are made as needed at regular Coalition meetings by the membership in attendance.  The format for decision-making is general consensus.

Regular Meetings

Except when otherwise specified, regular meetings are held from September through June on the second Thursday of every month at 10:00 AM at Hastings Community Center.  The Coalition does not meet in July and August.


Committees can be established on an as-needed basis.


Regular communications are made between meetings via an email distribution list.  Agendas are sent in advance and minutes are distributed after each meeting.  Other information is also distributed through the distribution list.

Drugs are NOT the Answer

Contact Us

Coalition Leadership

JoAnn Reed-Stokes – Chair

Frances MaturoCoalition Coordinator

Have questions, comments, ideas? Let us know!

For questions regarding the coalition, please contact JoAnn at 914-478-2471 or fill out form (right).